Sika Hellas S.A.

Sika AG was founded in 1910 and is based in Baar, Switcherland and nowadays is an international chemical company.

Sika AG is a supplier in the field of construction, as well as in marine & automotive industry, wind and solar energy, building facades, e.t.c. Sika is a leader in materials used in sealing, bonding, waterproofing, reinforcement, repair and protection of structures. Sika’s range of products includes high-quality concrete admixtures, specialized mortars, sealants and adhesives, strengthening materials, as well as flooring systems, roof and basement waterproofing products.

Sika Hellas was founded in 1995. Since then, architects, designers and engineers have chosen Sika Hellas as a partner in the design and implementation of every design concept. The introduction of innovative materials, the guaranteed quality of products and the excellent technical support form the key features of its corporate identity. Sika Hellas’s experience in confronting technical challenges has contributed in becoming a participant in every project of emblematic importance. Through close cooperation with the technical and commercial world across Greece, Sika Hellas succeeds in bringing the state of the art technology even in the farthest jobsite.