The Machine Design and Dynamics Laboratory of NTUA is one of the oldest laboratories of the School of Mechanical Engineering, founded in 1941. The academic personnel include two professors, three PhD candidates and almost twenty persons, scientific and technical personnel. The scientific team of MDLab is working on various scientific areas of research including kinematic and dynamic analysis of machine elements and systems, modelling and design of motion and power transmission systems, machine maintenance, high pressure hydraulics and pneumatics, advanced materials applications in machine elements and proper operation and structural integrity of machine elements monitoring. MDLab is certified under ELOT EN/ISO 9001:2008, is an AGMA member and participates in the formulation of international standards (ISO 6336).


MDLab belongs to the Department of Mechanical Design & Automatic Control of the School of Mechanical Engineering of NTUA. The teaching and scientific activities of MDLab include the analysis and design of the dynamic response of machines and machine elements and especially in power transmission systems and high pressure hydraulics. MDLab is responsible for five courses of the undergraduate syllabus of the School of Mechanical Engineering of NTUA and one postgraduate course. MDLab has participated in multiple European and international projects throughout the years and has established ongoing collaborations with research institutes and university laboratories worldwide, including the Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, as well as the TU Delft and Nazarbayev universities. The scientific team of MDLab have published over 300 papers in well-known scientific journals and conferences, while over ten diploma theses are completed in collaboration with the laboratory on a yearly basis.

The laboratory equipment of MDLab includes:

  • Large Dynamics test table (2.5m x 1.80m) and DC servo motor 75kW
  • Brake testing apparatus of 30kW power rating
  • Electro-magnetic axial oscillator Derritron 1Hz – 5kHz, 3kW power
  • Schenck fatigue testing apparatus (tension – compression)
  • Schenck torsion fatigue testing apparatus
  • FZG gear test rig for dynamic rating of gear pairs (recirculated power)
  • Dynamic testing apparatus of rolling bearings, under various temperature conditions
  • Hydraulic testing apparatus, for measuring the efficiency ratings of directional hydraulic valves, linear and rotational hydraulic actuators and high pressure (up to 700 bar) hydraulic components
  • Dynamic gear test rig, for measurements of positioning, alignment and shape errors, rated at 15kW
  • Photoelasticity testing apparatus (Shaples type)
  • Goulder – Mikron test apparatus for gear tooth form error measurements
  • Herion hydraulics testing apparatus
  • Fully equipped conventional machine shop including a three axis OKUMA MX45 VAE milling center, die-sink EDM FORM2-AC CHARMILLES, conventional TOS 3-axis milling machine, conventional TOS lathe and drilling machine. An injection molding machine type DEMAG D80 is also available as part of the laboratory equipment.
  • 3D printers: FORTUS 360mc, uPrint
  • CMM measuring machine type DEA/ Brown & Sharpe/ Mistral/ PH10M/TP200 Renishaw Head, 700x700x500
  • Two (2) portable CMMs FARO – CMM (Contact & Non-Contact-Laser camera) – 6 degrees of freedom, working volume 2,8m radius
  • Software: Ansys, Solidworks, COMSOL, ModeFrontier, Matlab, Labview. Algorithms in Fortran 77, Μathematica and MATLAB, developed in MDLab for optimized analysis and design of machine elements and especially of gears and planetary mechanisms.